Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cookies and Beer!

I had an amazing Thanksgiving vacation topped off by an amazingly long travel day! I made up for the stress of sitting in airport for ten hours by making Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles the day after I arrived home. They are so spicy and crunchy. I used really good Indian red pepper that made them extra hot, which is good, because if they were just slightly milder, I would eat them by the fistful.

Look at the sparkly sugar!

And to make my Friday that much better, my brewpack from the Vermont Brewers Association came in the mail!!

I received the brewpack by visiting ALL the Vermont breweries and getting my nifty passport stamped. Check out these glasses, they're definitely my favorites- they even have a little map with stars for all the breweries!

And we got snow this weekend! So far, no scary driving, just enough to feel seasonal. Now it's off on a Christmas Tree expedition a la National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.