Thursday, April 18, 2013


Lets travel waaaay back to . . . January! The month of January I participated in, and helped organize, an event called Fun-a-Day. The premise is that each participant does something creative every day in January. You can do a Poem-a-Day, a Portrait-a-Day, a Recipe-a-Day, the possibilities are endless!

Here's a link to the main organization, if you want to start your own next year! There are Fun-a-Day events in cities across the US. My friend started a website, sent out press releases, and set up the Art Show. The show was in the beginning of February, and about 20 people brought in their 31 pieces of art.

Look at all those people! I thought it was a great success.

My project was an Illustration-a-Day, and I illustrated the novel Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse. I wanted subject matter that would challenge me. I also needed a book that was short and in my collection, since I would have to read it closely to get my ideas for illustrations. Siddhartha is about Buddhism and INDIA, so it was pretty much research for my upcoming trip as well.

Me being me, I did about one illustration every three days, then crammed in some illustrations and chapter titles right before the show to get me up to 31 pieces.