Saturday, June 23, 2012

Heat Wave

It's hot here. Actually above 90 degrees, plus humidity. And our apartment doesn't have air conditioning, but I have roommates, so clothes are not optional. Point of fact, my work doesn't have fully functioning air conditioning either, but who cares, only homeless people go there (imagine that sentence in my sarcastic voice).

I chomped on some of these refreshing gems at lunch today. I got four little pomegranates in the reduced produce bin for $1.73!!! That's a huge deal. Usually, the small ones don't even seem worth it, since they are usually priced individually, not by pound. I found a method for easy pomegranate seed removal that is basically just cutting it in half and banging on it with a wooden spoon. Stress outlet AND a delicious reward!

I took a little drive across the border to visit IKEA and go shopping in Montreal last weekend. The win of the day were these jars that I put my bulk dry foods in (and some iced tea on the end). I need more, because obviously sugar and flour and more bean and rice varieties will need to be represented. Left to right, popcorn, rice, lentils (on bottom), quinoa (on top), and iced tea. Score!

The other highlight of the day was lunch at Crudessence. My friend is gluten-free and I am vegan, so we are very high maintenance diners (God forbid our SOs ever say that though). Crudessence is gluten-free, vegan, and raw. It was my first raw dining experience, so I went for something traditionally raw, a salad. However, my salad did include raw/vegan/gluten-free butternut cheez slices, seed crackers, "egg" salad, and "tuna" salad. It was hugely filling and very good. The bestest part was the desserts. I had Blueberry Uncheesecake and my friend got the Key Lime Pie made with avocado. Both were beyond delicious - as good as any traditional desserts I have had. I recommend picking up a treat while out and about in Montreal.

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