Monday, November 12, 2012

Cupcakes and Crafting

That 2 Copas wine is excellent!
I had a full 24 hours on call for the hotline I volunteer for this weekend, AND my other half was going out of town. I decided to hunker down for a little crafting and gratuitous chick flick watching. I knitted, started a sewing project, and ate an entire bag of tortilla chips! A quiet interlude in an otherwise busy holiday weekend.

On Friday, I invited a couple who are friends of mine over and made chili and guacamole. They were very appreciative, which always feels good, and they brought wine. The pictures here are from my last entertaining venture. The pink cupcakes are vanilla with raspberry icing and the white ones are ginger cupcakes with ginger icing.

We had an early night and I met up with another friend, N, the next day for lunch and errands. Apparently, the fact that this was the first weekend of hunting season meant all the females were out shopping and lunching on Church St. It was Christmas time level crowded, but I had good company, and we powered through our to-do lists.

Just an extra Croatia shot.
Then we brainstormed on our latest activity- a community based art project called Fun-a-Day. The whole month of January, members create something everyday, and then they all have a showing in February. N helped organize one in Providence, RI and wanted to try it in Burlington. We worked on the website, it looks super slick! I'll be sure to post a link when it goes live.

Next time, I'll try to have some more current photos.

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