Thursday, November 8, 2012

The hills are alive!

With our EuroRail Pass, we got a first class seat on the train to Salzburg. They gave us candy and a German language newspaper! We stayed in Salzburg for two, very soft and fog soaked, days.

Our room was in a serene old convent, right in the center of town. While we did not take a Sound of Music tour, I made sure to educate Taylor on all the important sights, and songs, associated with Maria Von Trapp. 

This is not in the Sound of Music.

Rick Steves guided us through the city on our first day and we ended up at the famous Augustiner Monastery (and Brewery). This is the kind of place Taylor could live in. We made new friends (obviously) at our long wooden table and our only regret is that we didn't go back the next night.

Our new friend made us move so that we had good lighting. Thank god, I think this is the best pic of us. Ever.
On our second day, we spent half of the day touring a corner of Germany by bus. We rode up into the Alps, out of Salzburg's fog, and spotted Hitler's Eagle's Nest atop a peak. This lake is called King's Lake in German merely for its superior beauty- it's the King of Lakes. We strolled along the banks, which you can also canoe along!, to a lookout point for this photo.

This is a vegetarian restaurant where I got some actual veggie protein before heading into Slovenia and Croatia, where I can't even begin to pronounce all the words for ham.

On another food related note, Salzburg is where my Manner addiction got a little out of hand. One night, I really needed a little snack before bed, but Salzburg is a quiet little town, and not even the grocery stores were open. Thankfully, we found a vending machine. With Manner. And I bought all five packages in the machine. I had to use up my Euro coins!

Hazelnut is the usual flavor, but I also tried them in plain chocolate and lemon (yummy)!

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